The World’s Most Expensive Saab as of 2017!

Steven and Saab

Saab Automobile was one of the most successful car manufacturers of the past. They came into existence in the year 1945 and were in the market for more than 60 long years. But due to various other inconveniences and debt issues they had to put an end to the business in the year 2012. Saab was once a company that was competing with many other global competitors like BMW and other companies on a global platform.

Steven and Saab

As days went on, things fell apart. There was lack of resources and adequate funds to continue the functions of the business smoothly. Though Saab is not into manufacturing cars today, they will simply be remembered for the contributions that they made. Here we are going to know something about the most expensive Saab:

The most expensive Saab:

If Saab is not in existence then how will we possibly rate cars that are not even existing in the market? Most of the cars that are manufactured by Saab are considered as vintage today. A lot of potential buyers are out there to buy the car even at an auction. So here we are going to talk about one such car that can probably be auctioned and will be sold for a price that apparently the highest in the history of Saab. So now you understand how we call them the most expensive Saab car.

As of record, the most expensive Saab car was brought to picture in the year 2014. The model of the car was Hot Rod Art Car, and it was considered worth for paying a hefty price of $1.2 Million. It was a privately owned car that was remodeled later. No one simply thought that this car would make such huge money. So what was the miracle behind this Hot Rod Saab 96, we have explained it here.

Who is Steven Vaughan?

The reason for such a huge price tag attached to this car is because of beauty that was added to the car because of the magical touch of Steven Vaughan, who is apparently the owner as well. Steven Vaughan is a hyper-realist artist who is known for his realistic artworks. He can simply paint a 3D art within a matter of minutes. He has been quite successful in all his ventures, including the 2014 task of remodeling a vintage beauty

Steven and Saab:

Steven took up the task of remodeling the Saab car using his hyper-realism painting skills. His call was to paint it in a way that looked traditional but still not outdated. That was the toughest part of the task. He had to work a bit careful on the designs as they had to look traditional but still inquisitive and attractive. It was an intensive project in the hands of Steven, and it took almost 13 long months to achieve the desired results. The art patterns used on the car were traditional, but when the look was finished, it didn’t look anything like it. That is what you call professionalism. The car was valued by different appraisers, and the value finally dropped down to $1.2 Million, becoming the most expensive Saab in history.

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