The Top 5 Saabs that we still Wonder about in 2017!


SAAB automobile is a part of the SAAB group of companies that came into existence in the year 1937. It is a Swedish company, and SAAB stands Swedish translation of the English words ‘Swedish Aeroplane Company Limited.’ Though the group came into existence in the year 1937, its automobile division, which is SAAB Automobile, was incorporated only in the year 1945. SAAB automobile is known for manufacturing some of the bestselling cars of the history, and those models are still considered as a vintage even today. So here we are making a list of top 5 cars which are products of SAAB automobile.


Top 5 SAABs of all time:

Sonett I:

Sonett I was a special editions cars that were launched in the years between 1955 and 1957. A total of only 6 cars were made. It was one of the first few launches of SAAB Automobile after their inception in the year 1945. The company was comparatively small back then and had issues with regard to resources, but it still managed to make a car with no quality issue and a standard that was equal to that of the other successful manufacturers in the market. It was one of the models of SAAB that proved its worth on the global platform.


SAAB Ursaab was one of the first few cars that were ever made by SAAB automobile. Though SAAB automobiles at a later point stopped the production of this model, it still holds the template just in case if it required. The car is in the shape of a teardrop, and its name Ursaab means ‘Original Saab.’ As we all know the company was into production of airplanes as well and since this car is one of their earliest models and was a prototype as well, it was designed by the company’s aerospace engineers as early as in the 1950s.

Saab 96:

Saab 96 was in the field for a period of 20 years that is from 1960 to 1980. Though these cars were quite rigid and had the qualities of a good car, they only stand for a period and vanish because of their tendency to go obsolete at the earliest as a result of the changing technology and demands. In fact, Saab 96 is one the models that stayed for quite a longer time in the market. The speciality of the car is its aerodynamic double-door bodywork.


SAAB automobile came with SAAB 1963 GT850 as their first sports car in the year 1962. It was also named as Saab Sport and was an alternative to its predecessor, Saab GT750, a little earlier. All most all the best people who are involved in car racing call SAAB GT 850 as one of the best and the vintage models in history. Such was the power of this automobile that was launched in the year 1962

99 Turbo:

99 Turbo was launched in the year 1968 and with the launch of 99 Turbo SAABs were simply competing with the BMW 3 series that were launched in the same year. No one, including SAAB, never imagined that they would soon be competing with one of the veteran car manufacturers in the global platform. These cars were manufactured during the years between 1968 and 1984.

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