How do I maintain my Garage Door

How do I maintain my Garage Door?

The garage door is used several times in a day. A faulty garage door is an eyesore and can inconvenience you when you are in a hurry. To prevent this from happening you need to do some necessary maintenance once in a while.
Inspect garage for any noise

A well-maintained garage door should be silent when in operation. If you find grinding sounds, then it could mean your door is not well greased. There are a lot of springs and cables used in controlling garage doors. You can use a socket wedge to tighten roller brackets and bolts.
Replacing worn out parts

You will need to check your rollers to ensure that they are not worn out. Garage door rollers are one of the most used parts when opening garage doors. You should inspect them at least twice a year. Replacement can be done after seven years, but you may be required to do it sooner if they are worn out.
The weather seal strip after continued use can become worn out or stripped. You will need to replace it immediately to prevent weather elements from destroying your garage. You can get replacements from hardware stores and have them cut to size.

You will need to keep all movable parts lubricated for the smooth operation of your garage. Lubricate the chain, screws with a lithium grease for around 10 minutes.

Test auto-reverse system
Most of the modern garage openers have a feature that lets your garage automatically reverse direction when there is an object that is obstructing the garage door. To test this feature place a ball beneath the garage and this should turn reverse the door from shutting.

Clear the clutter around the garage door

The garage door should be free from any rubbish. Garbage can prevent the garage door from closing properly. This includes equipment’s inside the garage; most of the garages are an eyesore full of clutter.

Maintenance for wooden doors

Wooden doors even though very attractive are very hard to maintain. The wood doors need regular furnish for them to retain the aesthetic image. You should also treat the surrounding earth surfaces to prevent the accumulation of termites. Termites can cause irreversible damage especially if the door has not been treated.

Cleaning the garage door

You should clean your garage door several times in a year. You can do this with a mild detergent and soft brush. This will get rid of most of the dirt and any corrosive materials that would have formed in steel doors. While you cleaning check the condition of the springs.
Using a damp cloth gently wipe any corrosive material around the rollers any exposed parts. Wipe off any excess moisture as this can lead to spoiling the rollers.

Final thoughts

The garage door needs regular maintenance for it to operate efficiently. If the maintenance is substantial then call a garage door repair company. Wooden doors need that extra shine to make them beautiful again. In case of lose cables and torsion springs you should call a professional instead of doing it yourself.